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Wheel of Life
Do you feel like your personal possessions - from a house, to a good job, or even a great plan from Advantage One Insurance make you the person you want to be? Or do you feel like your life is still lacking something really important? The Wheel of life is a simple tool for assessing where you are now in your life.
Print this page or draw a rough copy of the wheel and segments, then work your way around the wheel concentrating on one section at a time. Spend a while thinking about each aspect of your life and how satisfied you are in that area. Then with the centre of the wheel as representing 0 (very dissatisfied) and the outer edge as 10 (very satisfied) draw a line across the section in the position you think most suitable. See below.
When you have completed all the segments you will have your own personal wheel of life. We will use this to concentrate on the areas that most need attention so keep it ready for your first life coaching session.


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